Report Littering

Litter wastes your taxes. Local, state and federal governments spend millions of dollars in tax money annually removing litter caused by illegal acts and carelessness. This is money needed for other important services. Help Keep Wakulla County Beautiful by reporting when you see littering to local law enforcement officials.

5 Steps:

1) Report the time

2) Report the location

3) Report the vehicle description

4) Report the license plate (if possible)

5) Report the litter description

Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office
15 Oak Street
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Tel: (850) 745-7100

Report a Hot Spot

We want to hear from you.  If you find a spot that needs cleaning – please send us an email with the information on 1) location, 2) type of debris, and 3) if there is potentially hazardous materials.

Keep Wakulla County Beautiful

Working to keep our piece of paradise beautiful.

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