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Panacea Landscape Project

IMG_20160317_100404499PanaceaLandscapeAs part of the KWCB support for the FDOT Adopt-A-Highway program, Panacea Waterfronts Florida Partnership adopted a section of Highway 98 through Panacea.  Several board members got busy walking the 4 mile stretch and collecting the debris blown or thrown from vehicles traveling through out fragile environmental area.  Litter is a continuing problem in Wakulla County.  Please do your part to protect it.


cropped-613912001e.jpgYou can help make Wakulla County an even better place to live, work and play. Supporters provide donations of funds or in-kind services. Volunteers participate in programs and activities. Our success is dependent upon Community Partners.

When you support KWCB, you are making a personal effort to improve the quality of life in our community for everyone.

Help us by getting involved in what we do:

Recycling Education and Program Support
Litter Reduction & Prevention
Great American Cleanup (Spring)
Coastal Cleanup ( 3rd Saturday in September)
Cigarette Litter Prevention Program
KWCB works with local neighborhood associations to improve their neighborhoods by
not only keeping them litter-free but also through planting of gardens and other beautification projects.
Community gardens
Education is a key factor in helping to Keep Wakulla County Beautiful. KWCB promotes
environmental activities that help educate the public on current environmental concerns and activities associated
with the goals of KWCB. We promote the “3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Fundraising, Memberships, & Sponsorships