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The Adopt-a-Road litter prevention initiative, sponsored by Keep Wakulla County Beautiful (KWCB), enables citizens to show their pride in Wakulla and safely reduce the amount of unsightly trash and illegal signage alongside county roadways. Unkempt communities are more likely to have increased crime, decreased economic growth and a decline in quality of life. The litter prevention efforts of the Adopt-a-Road program directly benefit the community through litter prevention, greater civic involvement, and area beautification.

The 5 Easy Adopt-a-Road Steps

  1.  Decide which road to adopt.
    Since you will be checking it periodically, we suggest you pick a location convenient to your home, school or business. Or, we can make suggestions of suitable roads. Determine how many people will be needed to adopt the road, whether it is a safe and accessible area to pick up litter, if there is sufficient parking, etc. Must be at least 1-mile in length and will include both directions of the stretch you select. You will be responsible for maintaining this road section for at least 24 months and have at least 8 cleanups during that time.
  2. Learn More About the Program. Official Adopt-a-Road Agreement ADOPT A ROAD AGREEMENT GENERAL
  3. Take Action.
    Once your application is returned to us, we will contact you to confirm your road section and participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program. We will erect a sign on your section of county roadway indicating your name or group and will provide you free garbage bags, gloves, trash picker bags initially followed by periodic resupply if all participation requirements are being met.
  4. Share your Results and Fill-out a Post Clean-up Report
    You and your group will receive recognition for your efforts by submitting Post-Cleanup Reports for your cleanup efforts.  If you have trash/ debris that is either too large, heavy, or hazardous for your group to remove, let us know by contacting KWCB at, we’ll help you properly dispose of it.
  5. Receive Recognition for your group’s hard work! Each adopted section of road will be marked with two signs with your group’s name. We will order your signs and have them installed at the proper locations. Certificates are also available to recognize outstanding Adopt-a-Road Partners. However, the greater reward will be your group’s satisfaction in knowing they helped make Wakulla safer and cleaner!


cropped-613912001e.jpgYou can help make Wakulla County an even better place to live, work and play. Supporters provide donations of funds or in-kind services. Volunteers participate in programs and activities. Our success is dependent upon Community Partners.

When you support KWCB, you are making a personal effort to improve the quality of life in our community for everyone.

Help us by getting involved in what we do:

Recycling Education and Program Support
Litter Reduction & Prevention
Great American Cleanup (Spring)
Coastal Cleanup ( 3rd Saturday in September)
Wakulla Rivers Cleanup
Cigarette Litter Prevention Program
KWCB works with local neighborhood associations to improve their neighborhoods by
not only keeping them litter-free but also through planting of gardens and other beautification projects.
Community gardens
Education is a key factor in helping to Keep Wakulla County Beautiful. KWCB promotes
environmental activities that help educate the public on current environmental concerns and activities associated
with the goals of KWCB. We promote the “3 R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Fundraising, Memberships, & Sponsorships


Click here for a full size map (pdf)

If you are interested in adopting a road, complete this form and return to:
P O Box 700
Crawfordville, Fl 32326

Adopt a Road Application

Thank you to our current adoptees

Tammie,   Tom & Shea Live Oak Island   Road
VFW Auxiliary   4538 Arran Road (Lura Lane   to Forest Road (FR-13))
St. Marks   River’s Edge Homeowners Newport Road (entire   road 2+ miles)
CHAT of   Wakulla Oak St. and Wakulla   Arran
Providence   Bible Church Spring Crk. To   Shadeville Rd. N 2 miles
Providence   Bible Academy MLK Blvd. from Hwy   319 stop light to Landfill Entr.
Winn-Dixie Taff Drive (south of   Winn Dixie Store)
Crawfordville   Woman’s Club Ochlocknee Road   (Arran Rd to Cedar Rd)
Wakulla County   Christian Coalition Martin Luther King   Blvd. (Spring Crk. 1 mile west)
Lucas   Construction Bob Miller Road
A & E   Residential & Commercial Improvements Trice Lane   (Crawfordville to Hwy 61)
Audubon Forest   Homeowners’ Association Arran Rd from Old   Post Office one mile past Audubon Forest Subdivision
Mysterious   Waters P.O. Tiger Hammock from   Shadeville Rd(365) to MLK Blvd.
Wits End Mashes Sand Road
Leslie   Montanez & Family Zion Hill Road &   Edgewood Drive
Bottoms Road   Home Owners Bottoms Road
Retired   Corpsman MLK Blvd. (Hwy 98 W   to Spring Crk.)
Homeowners of   Songbird Songbird Ave –   between Hwy 319 and Arran
Vietnam   Veterans Motorcycle Club-Chapter M & Legacy Vets Lonnie Raker Road   from 319 to Bloxam Cutoff
A Caring   Individual Alexander Road
GatorTrax   Services, LLC Harvey Mill Rd
Friends of   Wakulla Springs Hwy 61 – From 267 to   Shadeville Hwy
Riversink   Elementary School – Otters of Riversink Lonnie Raker Road (1   mile each way)
Captn Jim Shell Point Rd (from   Spring Crk Rd 2 miles down)
Farrington Law   Office Spring Creek Highway   (267 south to Gavin 2 miles)
Gibson Family,   Greg, Julie, Scott & Keleigh Shadeville Hwy (319   east 2 miles)
The Thurmond   Clan Frank Jones Road
Women of the   Moose Michael Drive (Near   Wakulla Senior Center)
Bridle Gate   Homeowners Association Bridle Gate Dr.   Bridal Gate Ct., Traynor Ct., Wynn Gate Ct., Calvary Ct., Shoemaker Drive
Don and Hanna   Henderson Elberta Court /   Pelican Way
Go’in Under   Dive Services – Les Marshall Spring Creek Hwy (MLK   Blvd. south one mile)
NJROTC Rehwinkle Road
Oyster Bay   Homeowners Association Kornegay Way (Shell   Point area)
Anne Ahrendt Shadeville Rd.   entrance from River Plantat. to intersect. of CR 365 & SR 61
Neighborhood   United Brown-Donaldson Rd

Working to keep our piece of paradise beautiful.

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