2019 KWCB River Cleanup on 12/7/2019

2019 River cleanup

This is a sample of things found in and around the Wakulla River. Thank you volunteers and sponsors for a great event! We found a couple of ladders, a car grill, a crab trap, a stool, a lot of large pieces of styrofoam, and as always there were several cans and bottles. American Rivers
We had 21 volunteers and retrieved @ 750 lbs. of trash from the Wakulla River.  Thanks to Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office for their participation and making sure our crew was safe! And a huge thanks to all who came out to help!

The owl was found in the road on the way back and rescued by some of our volunteers and taken to Florida Wild Mammal Association. They report that they believe he is blind from impact but his vision should return. It is beautiful!